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Follow my blog with Bloglovin I've hinted at this on Facebook. But it's high time that I announce it here on my blog... I'M SELLING MY FURNITURE CREATIONS!!!!!!! I would often encounter this gorgeous store online over the years as I coveted the internet searching for unloved furniture. After an hour of pining over their amazing stuff, I'd dream about ways to become part of such a collaborative. Lo and behold, Tara, who owns MV contacted me through a fellow blogger and friend, (Dede who blogs at Designed Decor also sells her items there). Tara asked me if I'd like to try selling...I said YES...and... ...the rest is history! Introducing....Modern Vintage. My new obsession.  MV is collaboration of several local artists, and the new home for my furniture items for sale.   Some more vintage awesomeness...   Is your head spinning yet? Here is where you can start to follow "my store". Modern Vintage: Address: 110 Prospect Ave S, Hartville, OH … More...

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Best DIY Blogs of 2014

Best DIY blogs of 2014?  Me? Well, let me clarify–if you page down about 20 times on the recent “Homies Award” on the Apartment Therapy website, you’ll find ME (with a grand total of 11 votes). Beyond my shock for even appearing on this list (submissions are reviewed / approved by Apartment Therapy editors)…I’m happy [...]

Upcycled Table with Decoupage and Chalk Paint

Upcycled Table with Decoupage

As you know, I LOVE transforming furniture with mixed media and decoupage. So every time I run across these tables at a thrift store (or in an old barn in -10 degree temperatures), total no-brainer. I simply buy it. Why? Because it’s a quick turnaround project and gives me instant gratification…and I already have a [...]

Upcycled Midcentury Modern Cart

Cheers To Those That Wish Us Well…

  Last week I picked up a fine Craigslist haul for a mere $90 from a guy whose fiancée was nagging him incessantly to get rid of his “mom’s junk”  MOM was a former antique store owner who liquidated.  So off I went with a truck full of goods, packed to the gills. <Score!> One of [...]

DIY Herb Planter

DIY: Herb Planter (from Michaels Stores)

Here is what happens when one of your favorite home improvement websites ( asks you if you would like to have free reign at your favorite store ( Utter. Chaos. Ensues.   Use the hashtag #mpinterestparty on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Hometalk to see more inspiration. Your head, too, will spin with ideas.  ************* This [...]

Project #2:  Simple Burlap Canvas with my daughter's silhouette.

DIY: Burlap Canvas Silhouette (#mpinterestparty)

Project #2: DIY Burlap Canvas Silhouette Part II of my Michael’s Store projects allowed me the opportunity to FINALLY do something with the silhouettes that I had made of all the kids during our trip to Disney last year. (To see Project #1, the DIY Herb Planter and enter to WIN, click here)  This Sunday, [...]

five creative workspaces part I

Inspiration File: Studios & Workspace Organization

Our craft room~studio space planning came to an abrupt halt last week…. Things are definitely looking much more positive than they did a week ago. For more information on what’s been “happening” in our life, please visit my Facebook page where there is an amazing thread of people offering support and prayer.  Soon I will put [...]

Stripping Furniture

Naked Furniture & Hometalk is Awesome

This buffet has been in my basement for about six months. I bought it from Craiglist, originally listed at $175–I paid $115. Stripping furniture isn’t as hard as you might think. (A future “how-to strip furniture” post is coming soon). My grandpa would be SO excited…this is how he made his living–restoring furniture back to [...]


Inspiration File: Studios, Woodshops & Storage

January (to me) represents the ugliest month of DIY. It’s usually when I hit the panic button and tear down a wall or two. Everything looks so sad, boring and beat up after a holiday. Getting organized post-holiday involves solving a number of space and functionality issues in our homes. We have several of these [...]

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DIY $1600 Kitchen Makeover

Our $1600 Kitchen Makeover

My kitchen, before painting cabinets, new lighting, new backsplash, new flooring… Here is what we accomplished with a $1600 investment: One of the first DIY projects I tackled in my house was my kitchen. I built my home in 2005, but I am amazed at how quickly styles have changed since then. In such a [...]

kitchen island before

Kitchen Island DIY: Ikea Butcher Block

Total project cost = $470 (This includes two 96” x 25” Ikea butcher block countertops, Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations paint kit, cardboard from JoAnn Fabrics for template, electrical supplies from Lowe’s for rewiring) Island (before): Here it is, the junk collector island (before the Rust-o-leum Cabinet refinish) So far, every professional I consulted about my keyword=BUDGET kitchen remodel [...]

A Budget Stenciled Backsplash (Under $150)

DIY: Stenciled Kitchen Backsplash

I had a beautiful, unused stencil with a script version of the French sonnet, “Springtime in Paris” (it was originally intended for my sunroom curtains, little did I know I would soon DIY my first stenciled backsplash). I changed my mind on the curtains and I decided I didn’t want visitors to be distracted by the writing.    At the [...]

front door boxwood wreath with frame

DIY: Framed Boxwood Wreath

Need some inspiration for your front door? Here is one of the most complicated DIY tutorials you will ever witness–a framed boxwood wreath.   My new spring wreath + Front Door makeover + lessons learned. (Original inspiration courtesy of Down To Earth Style) So after a grueling trip to Michael’s and Target, this could be [...]

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