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Are you following me on Facebook? I love blogging, but as you know--I don't blog here daily. Facebook is where I post all of my sneak peeks on my DIY projects. It's where I hang. It gives me instant gratification. I can interact with readers in realtime. In fact, love it so much that I decided to reward my "Top Fan" every week. How does one become a "Top Fan?" By doing what you do naturally. You follow me on Facebook. Then you comment. You share. And you like (or dislike) my posts. Regardless...I want to hear from you, and I strive to post excellent content to keep readers engaged. By doing so, your random activity could be how you win a weekly "Top Fan" prize. I reward the people that WANT to be there with me, and to share their DIY successes, failures, and to talk about the latest in home decor trends. This week's prize - a 4 oz. sample of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! It's my way of saying "thank you" to all the folks that come along for the ride during my DIY and crafting … More...

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DIY: 100 Years of “Perfection” Ball Jar Craft

  This limited edition jar was sent to me from Ball® Canning & Recipes to commemorate 100 years since the creation of the “Perfection” Jar. I’ve been asked to create a DIY craft with these beauties–stay tuned for a DIY in progress!  (And…enter to WIN an awesome package below!) Ball “Perfection” – Limited Edition in [...]


French Decor for the Outdoors

I’ve not showed you the exterior of my house much, have I? Well…the rough Ohio winter nearly wiped out our landscape, and we’ve been saving trees…literally. So I’ve been on Polyvore getting ideas on how to spruce up some of our outdoors spaces. Let me first ask a question. Is it strange in that I [...]

Succulent Wedding Favors By

DIY: Vintage Succulent Wedding Favors

Wedding planning.  Yep. We’re starting to get serious. I have two-and-a-half weeks left.  My nights are getting later. I’m questioning my color scheme. My dress choice. The creative direction I’m going. And I’m not sure how to pull off what I would like to do in terms of decorating our venue.  I admit, I’m winging it. [...]

Modern Masters Review

Grunge, Texture & Metal Effects

******* This project has been linked up to: I love variation of color, depth, imperfections and flaws. Mixed media and grunge are right up my alley. And as much as I try to maintain a not-too-edgy, respectable, suburban home–my inner urban city girl comes out in the form of edgy, grungier DIY projects. When I [...]

Wedding Venue Cincinnati

Decorating an Empty Wedding Venue

I’m getting married in less than 30 days!! Within that tiny window of time, I’m traveling out of state for for work and blog conferences for a solid week. The wedding destination is 200 miles from home, so when I am home, we have been making road trips with the hatch filled to the brim [...]


Invitations With Vintage Bling

When it comes to paper crafting, I admit, this is not my strong suit. But I’m lucky to have a local gal pal who has been published in national magazines for her paper creations.  When I’m ready to take the plunge into paper crafting, I will need her guidance when I face that moment when [...]

Photos that inspire. Vintage-themed event planning.

Love, Marriage & DIY Rustic Weddings

DIY Events – Vintage Style (Creating an expensive-looking event on an extreme budget) There has been so much going on lately. My mind is racing and full of blogging ideas, but with my new job and increased travel, my time has been a bit compromised. So. I should fill you in on a few things–not [...]

Oil Based Stain Tips by Snazzy Little Things

Oil Based Stain Tips & Tricks

Wood Staining Series:   Oil Based Stains Tips & Tricks ***************** Today I’m kicking off a series of posts that focus on a variety of wood finishes.   First-timers can experience a lot of confusion the first time they venture into the stain aisle at the hardware store.  I’m hoping my post can alleviate some [...]

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painted kitchen before and after

DIY: Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation (Kitchen)

My kitchen when I first moved in back in 2005: I added a wallpaper backsplash that year…I had NO budget for improvements (yet). My lovely junk collector island that we later leveled and added IKEA butcher block. Our “first” after picture below…this is after investing only $1600…(we are now continuing our upgrades…see Kitchen Project Phase [...]

DIY: Closet Turned Dressing Room

DIY: Glam Closet Makeover

I’m so proud to be the FIRST to review the “Teardrop Trellis” Stencil from Royal Design Studio. I used this gorgeous stencil in my tiny closet that was waay too small for two, so I transformed into a additional square footage–a dressing room, (all for ME!). It now offers a sit-down vanity with lots of [...]


DIY: Classic Wainscoting

Total Cost: $500 or less (cost of materials for the entire foyer and it wrapped around hallway)–we did the stairs later Time Involved: One weekend (with the right tools and a good tutorial) Tools needed: Chop saw / A Level / A pencil / caulk / primer / Paint — and an occasional nap! Recommended [...]

At bottom of stairs, looking in

Basement (Industrial Style)

Basement Remodel Floor Plan Part I of my industrial basement remodel, including the floor plan, lessons learned, advice to anyone building a new home…and biting the bullet on cost. So here is the lowdown on our industrial basement.  I hope you get a feel for the floor plan — this had NO studs or prebuilt [...]

My $1600 kitchen remodel!!!

DIY: Ikea Butcher Block Countertops

See entire kitchen transformation on’s “Rate My Space”! Total island remodel project cost = $470 Before I post my own tutorial, I recommend you take a look at This Old House Butcher Block Countertop Installation for a great step-by-step instructional. Why reinvent the wheel, right? Always on an extreme budget, I seriously wanted to [...]


DIY: Stenciled French Backsplash

I had a beautiful, unused stencil with a script version of the French sonnet, “Springtime in Paris” (it was originally intended for my sunroom curtains, little did I know I would soon DIY my first stenciled backsplash). I changed my mind on the curtains and I decided I didn’t want visitors to be distracted by the writing.    At the [...]

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